Interactive Multimedia
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Interactive Elegance
The TCube is a cafe style table with a touch-screen display that is seamlessly embedded in the table top. It's elegant European design grabs the attention of on-site visitors and then engages them in an interactive environment that informs, entertains and motivates.

Solid Benefits
The TCube is a smart investment for many reasons. It's commercial-grade furniture that is rugged enough to handle food and beverages yet fits into any decor, it adds value to your work space, it provides customers with important information about your products and services, you receive valuable marketing intelligence, it increases customer dwell time on the premises while it reduces perceived wait time. These advantages would benefit just about any type of business and the TCube is engineered to adapt to them all.

TCube at casinoTCube user interface

No unwanted content material.
Protect your on-site customers from viewing your competitor's Internet ads and other harmful web content. TCube scheduling software only distributes program material through a local data network. An internal staff member should approve all content before it reaches the network. Following this simple policy will eliminate the possibility that any unauthorized commercial messages or inappropriate images would reach your customers.

Common Applications:
Hotel and Casino
Restaurant, bar and cafe
Corporate lobby
Waiting room
Health club
Learning center
Transit terminal
Touch screen displays for retail, education and professional applications will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 56 percent for the years 2009 through 2013. (iSupply Market Research)