Interactive Multimedia
  Conferences, Trade shows and Corporate Events
Defining your goals and measuring the results are essential weapons you must stockpile when your business faces the battle of competition in a hostile trade show environment. You can't afford to have your marketing and promotion reviewed as just average. Your spectacle must rise above the others. When it's all over, you should expect a one hundred percent favorable response to your exhibition.

Stage presentations enhanced with multimedia technology can cut through the clutter of a crowded marketplace and bring your brand name to the visual forefront. Our illustrators, video producers and sound engineers will create an audio / visual experience that will grab people's attention and help make your sales presentation the star attraction.
Dream, Believe, Dare, Do - Walt Disney
  Tradeshow event
Think big. Tell us about your spectacular ideas and we will present you with innovative solutions. Our Roledex is full of the insudtries best event planners, artists and technicians. Drawing resources from a large number of strategic partnerships gives us greater flexibility during the planning and technical phase and more artistic range during the creative process. We work in cooperation with your event producer to create a visual style that will enhance your marketing concept.

Common Applications:
Conference and trade show exhibit
Award presentation
Experiential marketing initiatives
Concert performance
Themed attraction
The $100 billion trade show industry has been growing nearly 3 percent over the past 18 months (April 12, 2012). We are forecasting overall growth of 2.9 percent this year and 3 percent in 2013. (
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