Interactive Multimedia
  Video is Firing Up the Internet.
It's a simple fact. Audiences respond better when messages are conveyed through motion and sound. Video enhances the online experience and the increased marketing performance is easily measured using web analytic software. The direct advantage of video is that retention rates can triple when what you hear is being reinforced by what you see.
Marketing Trends
Social media has changed the framework of the Internet so success is now measured in a whole new way. In social web marketing, your ROI is measured by what your audience gets out of the online experience, not what you got out of their checkbook.

What we do
We help you communicate through video. Our work is inspired by a story, a message, or an artistic vision. Because of our boutique style of business, we can scale our production resources up or down to meet your needs. This keeps production costs low and values high.
On-set photograph
Powerful tools. Creative minds.
  Common Applications:
Digital Cinema
Commercial advertising
Visual support - conference and trade show
Corporate announcements
Learning solutions
Video emails
Public service announcements
Video tributes
Electronic press kits
Product or service launches
The U.S. online video audience is expected to grow to 190 million people by the end of 2012. That's 88% of the entire online audience (
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